Living Learning Australia collaborates with individuals, organisations and government to design and implement events, projects and programs that regenerate and care for our communities and the environment.

Living Learning Australia encompasses the activities of Andrew McSweeney and Jacqueline van Heerden, including the School of Living Music, music, art and dance programs in Victorian Youth Justice, as well as permaculture consultancy, environmental design, Gathering Men and Women retreats, and other projects.

Their passions and interests drive their work, at the core being a desire to actively work to contribute to a healthy environment and improving human well-being.  They are inspired by the people they meet, their clients, students and evolutionary leaders focused on exploring the essence of Conscious Business.


Andrew has been the director of Living Learning Australia and the School of Loving Music since 1999. He is a practising musician, and has worked as a music mentor/coach, with a range of agencies and community groups, including 25 years working in the Victorian Youth Justice system and a 20 year connection to the First Nations music community of Melbourne.

He is a Husband, Father and Songman, and is passionate about Music, practicing Qigong, the natural environment, his community, being president of the Flemington Colts Cricket Club & sitting around a fire in the bush. He is increasingly engaged in wellbeing projects.

van Heerden

After 21 years Jacqueline left the world of corporate affairs and television to focus on ways to heal the earth along the way becoming a certified practicing Permaculturist.

Since 2010, she has been active in lobbying and working with local government, community organizations, individuals and business to change current culture to move beyond sustainability to restoring the self-renewing integrity of the earth.

Jacqueline has volunteered on community committees, led a foreign aid farmer training program to Senegal, co-convened a Transition Town Group, directed a local Sustainability Expo, raised funds and campaigned for a local service that helps at risk young people and their families.

Her work has brought her into contact with power structures through which she is inspired to create new ways of doing things and find the feminine balance.

Recently her women’s work has moved from an internal focus, sitting in a closed Womens’ Mystery circle for over 18 years to sharing this knowledge, experience, processes and healing.

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