Living Learning Australia provides mentoring in music, dance and street art, to young people who have experience with the youth justice system. Our programs encourage creative expression and skills development, in workshops or one on one sessions, with professional musicians and artists. We deliver mentoring for young people who are in custody and a community program at our studio.

School of Living Music

The School of Living Music is an arts hub located in the heart of North Melbourne. We teach music to children and adults who are at all stages of their musical education. Our facilities include practise rooms, a recording studio, instrumental rooms, and a central open plan space for group activities and workshops.
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Recording studio

Our recording studio is based in North Melbourne. Facilities include; a sound treated live room, air-conditioned sound treated control room, and world class recording equipment. The recording studio is available for hire and training purposes by appointment.

Our approach

We work in an organic, flexible, culturally sensitive and responsive way, and can provide the above options in any configuration.

We are well connected to the arts community and social service sector, and can broker partnerships with education and training providers, and the industry.