Through retreats, workshops and coaching/mentoring we create opportunities for wellbeing and nurturing in nature.  We’ve explored a number of natural modalities and wellbeing practices as tools for transformation and understand each person is unique and comes to them at their own time.

We offer what has worked for us and hope it speaks to you as well.

Gathering Men

Gathering Men, founded by Andrew McSweeney and Brett Ellenport from Bell Creative, is all about Men’s Health & Well Being. It’s about creating a place to rediscover connection & purpose in our lives. We’re listening carefully. Opening our hearts & minds. And crafting that place. We are creating something a little different as we re-imagine healthy masculinity. A safe, trusted space for men to deeply reconnect. To ourselves. Each other. To Country. To First Nations wisdom. To Community. And the People we love most in our lives.

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Gathering women

Since the ancients, women have always gathered in circles. Today many women are longing to return home to the mystery of the feminine.

Gathering Women retreat takes place over three nights & four days and provides a rich opportunity to connect more deeply with your own feminine essence, one another & the beautiful country on which we will meet.

An invitation to you to heal, nourish, reclaim, connect with the earth and travel together the rich and sometimes challenging landscape of all that is womanhood.

We look forward to meeting and journeying with you at Gathering Women.

We welcome all women 25 years of age and over.



(chi gong) literally means “Life Energy Cultivation” and is a type of spiritual practice intended to “align” body, breath, and mind for health, and meditation. Qigong practice typically involves moving meditation, coordinating slow flowing movement, deep rhythmic breathing, and calm meditative state of mind. Andrew has been a student of Chi Master, Master Lu, since 2011 and tuition with Andrew is by appointment only.


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The Power of the Feminine

This collaboration between two friends, who are passionate about equality and social justice, is about honouring the role that women play in society. These unique events are rich in conversation, and focus attention on listening to each other and being heard. As traditional power structures are coming under greater scrutiny, we sense that a powerful window of opportunity has opened in which change and robust discussion is possible about the world we want to create.

“Lovely evening and very special occasion! The thing that struck me the most about the evening is the importance of women coming together to find shared language about personal, communal and national and global experience.”

“It was amazing! So much inspiration.”

“It’s was empowering to be in a room with so many women of diverse skills and open hearts. I’ve left the event feeling emboldened to make change”


“I’m in an absolute high today, it was wonderful.”

“Being together with women across generations connecting together representing and sharing the power of the feminine. A realisation about the difference between the power
of the feminine and feminine power.”

“Just inspiring to be part of.. . I genuinely was energised when I went home . .”

Agnihotra workshops

Agnihotra is from the science of Ayurveda, reinvigorating and healing nature by purifying the atmosphere.  As part of our environmental and wellbeing work we practice and use Homa Therapy and promote/facilitate the teaching and practice of  Agnihotra.